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      CONTACT NUMBER    +919042979897, +917200008748
                      Email id
       Studying B.E Mechanical Engineering in "prince Dr.k.vasudevan college of engineering and technology" at chennai.
       Completed diploma in mechanical engineering. at GMS-MAVMM POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE madurai.

       SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST MATRIC H.R SEC SCHOOL. at sipcot manamadurai.

Date of birth         20.11.1991 

   HOME TOWN           MANAMADURAI near MADURAI. at SIVAGNAGI district.


FATHER'S NAME           S.Malaipandy
MOTHER'S NAME         M.Shanthi
BROTHER'S NAME       M.Palanivelrajan
SISTER'S NAME            (Aarthy)

                770,Rajendran Nagar,
                Sipcot, Manamadurai(po),
                Sivagangai(dt), Tamil Nadu.
                Pincode : 630606

       Religion                        Hindu
Languages known        Tamil & english
         Nationality                             India 

Area of interest
*Business & Ambitions
                   * Interested to do business and i wish to establish a brand as my brand in market all over Tamil Nadu. with my production and my ability of marketing. to reach all the people in entire Tamil Nadu with right brand, right quality, right product, right time, right cost etc.,

                   * Interested to do some business in IT field under my innovative ideas.

                   * Interested to start educational institute especially school in a   big level at madurai.

                   * Interested in politics to service people. And also with some    trust with my control.


                   * Very much Interested to write a kavithai with full of my feeling. Under friendship, love, centiments, etc., is the one of the habit i had lot of interested.

*Online & System

                   * Very much interested to sit and spend lot of time in online. To chat, blogging, net banking, ticket booking, reading wikipedia, searching, revising about news, business etc., 

                   * Interested to sit and work on computer to maintain clearly, with lot of files and software in a busy moments.

*Early life & Hobbies
                   * I think, had talented to do work like  electrical works, cycle repairing (dismandling and assembling) , bike panchare, all work with house hold products fan, radio, motor,  repaing and maintenance. And I used to work with electrical lines in my full house lines, plumbing work, agricultural work, painting, 

*Family & Activities

                  * Father was working in southern railway at Manamadurai in track supervisor  and has a huge amount of land for agriculture. 2nd part of work is cultivating the paddy in our land. very hard working man.

                  * Mother used to help and support my dad lot. in all the ways. Especially, she is hard worker and manage the agriculture work full with the support of dad and also work join together with all family members.

                  * Brother is studying in diploma in civil engineering. And he is 3 years younger than me. Has a talent lot like swimming, athlete etc., And he interested to spent a time with pets like cock, hen, dog.

                  * Sister is studying 11th std. She is 6 years younger than me. she is soft and silent. also a rank holder in school in her studies.

Earlier life

             I was born in madurai on 20-11-1991. My mum town was paravai near madurai, later i went to my home town and after i joined a school in 1995 in seventh day. after completing LKG i left the school and joined another school abirami school, studied up to 2nd std. My dad got transfer to karaikudi and we also moved to karaikudi joined another school AVK their studied 3rd and 4th std because of agricultural work is difficult to stay in karaikudi. so he applied transfer and moved to my home town and buy a own house for us with grt pleasure by family members. Joined 5th std again seventh day school studied up to 12th std and completed my school life there. 

              In LKG got 1st rank in all the exams. After that UKG onwards failed in all the exams until end of my school life. It may be less than 15 exams all pass in all the subs. even in 10th and 12th failed many subject. but in bord exam passed in all the papers. In 10th 743/1100 and 12th 652/1200. 
              In school days, get good marks in maths alone from 5th std will got more 90 in all the exams. 6th above 65 range, 7th 70, 80 range, 8th and 9th std very poor in studies just got 45, 50 and also from school they won't allow to go from 8th to 9th and 9th to 10th. My parents fight with pricipal make me to promote next classes. 10th std got 140 in maths, tamil 160, history and geography 145 remaining subject just pass. 
              For passed in 10th std my dad buy and give computer for me in 11th std and 12th std just pass in all the sub. Because of my parents prayer passed and completed my schools successfully. 

             Sports in school days, played many games in school days cricket, volley ball, foot ball, basket ball, rugby, shuttle cork, hrowing the ball to others body, coco, kabadi this all in school levels. Out of from school koli kundu, pamabaram, kitti and kambu, cricet & wwf cards, small bed matchs etc., expert in pambaram and kitti kambu. koli kundu that much not expert. very much interested to play volley ball more than cricket. others all not well in volley ball and also not has that much interested on that. so practiced well in volley ball. foot ball also used to play well  shuttle cork will play in street.
             While studying 11th std I was green house captain, among 4 houses my team were in 3rd position. by this I have to be control all the students for march past, make them to encourage for sports. and also conduted assembly some days . in 11th std we were not attend the class for 3 months. there was a zonal level sports meet conducted by our school so we were used to do all the works like lining the ground, cleaning, arranging of games and events, guiding the people, etc. after that school level sports meet also conducted in same process. we were simply attend the district level sports 3,4 times. some of the students will got prizes.

              After joined diploma in madurai, stayed in aunty house younger sister of my dad. there also failed in 4 sub got 4 arrear in 2 sem. and